Dr Bob Hooper

ARMECON Founder and Managing Partner
Clinical Psychologist (EU reg.), Mentor and Advisor


Holds a BSc.special honors degree in psychology (University of Rhodesia), a Masters Degree (M.phil) in psychology (University of Zimbabwe), and a Doctorate (D.phil) in Psychology (University of Vienna, Austria).

Following a Clinical psychology training at specialist hospital in Pretoria, South Africa, he established a private psychotherapeutic practice in Vienna, Austria.

Prior to his clinical training Bob was Director of the Personnel Resources Group, Johannesburg, South Africa, responsible for general management recruitment. He also held the position of Group Personnel Manager within British Oxygen/Zimbabwe.

Since 1999 Bob has been active as a management advisor and mentor for international businesses.

Professional Orientation

Bob Hooper is working throughout Europe, providing mentoring services to Chief Executives and Senior Management within a range of organizations. Currently his primary client base is in Austria, Holland and Great Britain, where he works with medium sized commercial organizations, private equity and recruitment and personnel consultancies.

His career experiences have offered him the opportunity to develop a comprehensive set of skills for understanding management at the highest level.


Karin Hooper-Cerwenka, Bob Hooper; <De matrix van de ziel> op zoek naar de essentie van persoonlijkeid, Servire 2006