Select your Archetypal Role

The Healer

Practical, competent, sensitive, the task of the healer is nurture and support. A well developed sense of intuition detects what is missing or required in any given situation. Healers like to take care of others. Their common sense reduces complexities and is able to provide concrete solutions to life problems. Fearful healers may become manipulative or over-controlling.

The healer seeks reduction and orientation.

The Artist

Spontaneous, imaginative and innovative; the essence of creativity. Artists like to be original. They think up new things and use their creative talent to excel in a multitude of fields. Curious, discerning and playful people, they may become artificial and self-deceptive when fearful.

The artist seeks discernment and recognition.

The Warrior

Active, focused, grounded. Warriors are the "movers and shakers" in society, good organizers and goal oriented. Persuasive and single minded; warriors know what they want and how to get it. They play to win. In a fearful state they may become victimizing and/or overwhelming.

The warrior seeks dedication and challenge.

The Scholar

Knowledgeable, detail oriented and structured. Scholars are "sponge-like" in the way they record the events around them. They have a keen sense of observation and constantly assimilate and digest new data. Their findings are a resource for others. In fear they can become stubborn and distanced from emotion.

The scholar seeks equilibrium and integration.

The Sage

The archetypal sage or counsellor is a great communicator, mastering forms of self-expression that impact on and awaken insight in others. Sages are gifted at networking, collecting and disseminating information. They have a natural affinity for humour. When in fear the sage can become verbose and oppressive.

The sage seeks acceptance and insight.

The Priest

Inspirational; priests bring us to seek fulfilment and evolution in our lives. Good listeners, they instinctively feel compassion for others. Passionately interested in progress, they inspire people to step beyond there own self-imposed limitations. Fearful they become overzealous and force their beliefs on others.

The priest seeks progression and appreciation.

The King

The king provides direction and leadership. Kings revel in the origination process, take responsibility and delegate effectively. They must be first and are mostly granted that prerogative. Restless and high on initiative, they like to direct the events of life. When fearful they become impatient and wilful.

The king seeks dominance and mastery.