Purpose, procedure and target groups

The purpose of Archetypal Assessment within professional, search and mentoring organizations is to rapidly provide candidates with feedback on their core competencies and central personality characteristics. We are able to draw a picture of the self that can be used to optimize effectiveness, reduce stress and increase the capacity to sustain positive relationships.

Archetypal Images relate to our core essence: the central personality components that remain unaffected by environmental factors. Conscious appreciation of our enduring functioning enables authentic behaviour by breaking through confusion and doubt.

Archetypal Assessment identifies 7 individually specific components of core-personality:

The assessment procedure uses the intuitive abilities of the assessor and therefore does not rely on paper and pencil tests.

However, the results are neither vague nor difficult to define in scientific terms. The system is logical, structured and observable. Archetypal images life in us, therefore their understanding does not require prior psychological knowledge.

In personal feedback sessions assessment candidate and consultant together refine the Archetypal Impression. Verification and integration of results takes place within a relatively short time.

When Archetypal Assessment is done with a managerial group a team integration exercise is built into the program.

Target groups are professionals, managers and persons who wish to expand their own self-awareness in order to improve their capacity to understand and lead others.